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A variety of factors determine your website’s search engine rankings, but the two most important things are backlinks and their relevance and quality. Manual web directory submission services from SEO Traffic will help you build solid links from authoritative sites, and our services help in these other ways:

  • We will ensure that you have a diverse backlink profile, because the search engines place tremendous importance on link diversity.
  • We’ll get you links from reliable directories that are indexed by Google. All of the directories we use must pass a strict selection process.
  • We will help you rank for certain, niche-specific keywords.
  • Our guest posting and premium directory listing services will help you go above and beyond homepage links.
  • Our results are long lasting because the links we build are permanent.

Why Should you use our Manual Submission Service?

At SEO Traffic, we only submit to Penguin-safe, trustworthy directories, so you won’t have to worry about your site being penalized or blacklisted. Our link approval rate is very high because we closely follow each directory’s submission guidelines, and we use one-way links to your site –because link exchanges are falling out of favor with the search engines.

Google’s algorithm was updated to Penguin to get rid of spammy, low-quality links, and we will track the links we build to minimize worries about duplicate link submissions. Unlike other guaranteed directory submission services, we only use a non-software, white-hat approach to building links. We’ll use a variety of anchor text on our directories, to diversify your backlink portfolio.

Features of SEO Traffic's Directory Submission Packages

  • You can submit any kind of website. The directories we use are diverse in nature, and we’ll only submit to relevant categories.
  • You can target your efforts to more than one keyword or keyword phrase. With us, you can submit more than 20 different titles and descriptions. We’ll use the titles as anchor text.
  • We realize that it can be difficult to handle the emails you’ll get from dozens of directories. If you wish, we can take care of those verification and confirmation emails on your behalf.
  • Live reports on your link submissions are available through your user dashboard. Track your permanent links!

For those using our service as part of a larger link-building effort, there may be other requirements. To serve you in the best way possible, we make certain options available. You can submit your links to all the directories on our list, or to a select few. You’ll be able to select directories by page rank, and you can spread your submissions over several weeks. For a long-term strategy, you can submit your links to over one hundred directories per month, for the next year.


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